7 Best Tips on Choosing and Accessorizing Your Bird Cage

Unlocking the Secret to an Ideal Bird Cage

Aviary care stands as a favourite pastime among pet enthusiasts, promising a therapeutic and rewarding journey. Nevertheless, creating a flawless environment for our feathered companions does necessitate the right bird cage setup armed with essential items.

Selecting the Appropriate Bird Cage

When it comes to selecting a bird cage, size must always be a primary factor. The cage should offer ample space for your bird to reside comfortably. For the petite family members such as Parakeets or Canaries, a size of 18x18x18 inches suffices. For larger ewings like Cockatiels or African Greys, a larger home of around 35x35x50 inches is needed.

Consider bar spacing in the cage: too broad, and your bird may risk escape or injury; too compact, and your feathered friend might feel restrained. For smaller birds, a gap from 1/2 to 5/8 inch is generally recommended, while anything from 3/4 to 1 inch works best for larger breeds.

Additionally, the material of your cage plays a vital role. Stainless steel is frequently suggested for its robustness and easy cleaning attributes. However, ensure there is no trace of lead or zinc in the material, being toxic to birds.

Outfitting the First Half of Your Bird Cage

1. Perches

Perches, when varied in size, grant your bird a foot workout, preventing health issues such as bumblefoot. Natural branch perches with intact barks act as a great chewing and nibbling alternative.

2. Food and Hydration Plates

Dishes made of stainless steel or ceramics hold food and water best. Avoid plastic as birds can ingest broken bits, posing a serious risk. Additionally, using hanging or cage-fixed dishes helps prevent messy turn-overs.

3. Avian Baths

Feathered companions love a good grooming session. An inhouse bird bath not only amuses them but also preserves their plumage.

4. Cuttlebones and Mineral Lumps

Cuttlebones and mineral lumps serve as a natural source of essential calcium and minerals, bolstering beak health.

Choosing and Accessorizing Your Bird Cage

Outfitting the Second Half of Your Bird Cage

5. Playthings

Different types of toys, including chews, forage toys, puzzles, keep your bird mentally and physically active. Switching up the toy selection and their location gives your bird a fresh perspective.

6. Ladders and Pendulums

Ladders and pendulums encourage workout sessions and offer an entertaining means for your bird to navigate through its home.

7.Cage Wraps

A cage wrap ensures your bird gets the required 10-12 hours of rest. However, make sure the cover breathes and doesn’t completely shut out light, which can lead to unease.

Always remember, a well-prepared strategies of leading bird seed wholesalers should present a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. This guide will certainly assist in curating such a space, enhancing your bird’s overall quality of life.


Stay mindful that accessorizing your bird cage drives home the importance of providing a safe and engaging space, ultimately elevating the life quality of your feathered friend.

Here you can find more help in choosing and accessorizing your bird cage.

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