The Definitive Guide to Choosing The Best 20 lb Bird Seed


In the majestic world of bird feeding, choosing the right 20 lb bird seed is a crucial step in attracting a variety of colorful and beautiful birds to your backyard. The appropriate bird seed not only attracts a more extensive range of feathered friends, it also serves as a nutritious and healthy meal, contributing to the overall ecosystem. This comprehensive guide will delve into everything you need to know about 20 lb bird seed – from the types of seeds to tips for choosing the best one.

Types of 20 lb Bird Seed

When it comes to 20 lb bird seed, there are a variety of choices. Each seed type tends to attract specific types of birds, bringing a beautiful array of colors and melodies to your environment.

1. Sunflower Seeds

An absolute favorite of a wide variety of birds such as Cardinals and Finches, sunflower seeds are a staple for any bird feeder.

2. Millet

Small birds such as Sparrows and Juncos can’t resist millet. This tiny, round seed can be served alone or mixed into a bird seed blend.

3. Safflower Seeds

The bitter taste of Safflower seeds does a fantastic job of deterring pests while still enticing the likes of Cardinals and Titmice.

Features to Look for in High-Quality 20 lb Bird Seed

1. Nutritional Content

Birds require a balanced diet just like any other creature. Ensure the seeds you choose have a high nutritional value.

2. Purity

It’s important to check for the purity of the bird seed. High-quality seed should be clean, without any fillers or dust.

3. Freshness

Always check the packaging for a freshness date. Seeds which are not fresh may fail to attract birds.

Choosing The Best 20 lb Bird Seed

When investing in 20 lb bird seed, you need to be aware that price doesn’t necessarily reflect quality. Instead, focus on the nutritional content of the seeds, variety within the mix, and the preferences of local bird species.

1. Nutritional Content

Bird seeds with high levels of fats and proteins are excellent for promoting healthy bird populations, especially in colder months when they need more energy.

2. Variety

A good mix should include a variety of seeds to attract a range of bird species. Mixing sunflower seeds, millet, and safflower seeds, for example, provides a balanced diet for a wide variety of birds.

3. Bird Preferences

Knowing the type of birds in your area can help you choose the right bird seed. For instance, if you’ve noticed a lot of Finches in your area, sunflower seeds would be an excellent choice.

Storing Your 20 lb Bird Seed

Proper storage of your bird seed is vital for maintaining its freshness and preventing pests. Store the seed in a cool, dry place, preferably in an airtight container that pests cannot penetrate.


Choosing the perfect 20 lb bird seed is not just about feeding birds; it’s about contributing to nature, attracting a variety of bird species, and enjoying the tranquil beauty of bird watching. Remember to consider each bird’s dietary preferences and offer a mix of seeds to ensure a balanced diet. With careful selection, the right 20 lb bird seed can transform your backyard into a vibrant, busy world of avian activity.

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